A Decentralized Order Book on Fuel.Network

Join the Future of Crypto Trading with Spark - Eth Denver 1st prize Fuel Bounty winner

Defi Infrastructure on Fuel Network

Central Limit Order Book + Matching Engine + More

Order Book

Order Book to power a New Era of Defi Evolution

Matching engine

We're using advanced tech of Fuel Network to ensure the best UX for Traders and Developers

Fuel Network

The order book was built in a record time of one week, showcasing the team's efficiency and expertise in blockchain development.

How to use

This is just an MVP of a Great innovative product. But even in this early stage, it shows the power of FUEL NETWORK.

1. Mint some tokens

You can do it on your phone.

2. Trade on Spark

Create orders, follow the market, enjoy the smooth UI, and feel the speed of FUEL.

3. Enjoy the matching engine

We build the mechanism that matches your positions.